ACME released their single Gekkouyoku on August 25 and upon its arrival, revealed the accompanying music video for the emotionally heavy rock number. This sees the band perform in a dark, foggy, and dimly-lit space with vocalist CHISA singing as a single light—one that mimics the intensity of a full moon—beams on him. It’s both serene and beautiful but also has a dark and heavy side.


Gekkouyoku presents mysterious but calming sound effects with a hard-hitting sound and even some harsh vocals from CHISA. Guitarist Shogo’s solo has an undeniably cool rock sound that when matched with bassist RIKITO’s solo, makes for an unstoppable match-up.

ACME states that Gekkouyoku‘s lyrics are expressed entirely in Japanese when compared to their previous single Come Back To Me, whose lyrics were in English. There’s also more of a focus on expressing a sense of refinery and nostalgia in the language.

The band also describes their coupling track WALK as worthy of being called the “Heavy x Speedy x Melody = ACME Golden Ratio”. Said song starts with an intro reminiscent of the vast land of California, USA, before revealing its aggressive sound. This will also remind fans of ACME’s true value in performing on stage which is especially suitable for the band as they prepare for their tour in the United States this fall!

ACME’s artist photos for Gekkouyoku see CHISA and Shogo in similar red striped jackets and bassist RIKITO in a sleeveless top and trousers. However, its drummer HAL, who wears a mixture of prints, colors, and markings on his face, that truly stands out in the coolest way possible.

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