It’s been almost 20 years since JESSE blessed BACK-ON with the band name we know and love today. Now in 2021, the two forces collide to birth a brand new track titled Kill The Beat feat. JESSE. It must be pretty amazing to work with your idol, right? Known as the godfather of Japan’s rock and hip hop scene, JESSE is the lead vocals and guitarist from alternative metal band RIZE and his solo project The BONEZ—a major influence to BACK-ON since they started.

“Finally we can collaborate with JESSE. We’re really honoured. Thanks so much, brother.”—MC TEEDA.

“I’m honoured as well. I’m 40. An old geezer, but they still look up at me. I don’t look down on them. We’ve created music at the same eye level. That’s why we could do ‘Kill The Beat’. This song is everything from when we were growing up, first listening to music and making music. Rock, hip hop, reggae. Everything mixed together. This is not something new. We’ve been doing this a long time. And this is what we’re good at. I hope you like it.”—JESSE.

Their latest track together Kill the Beat feat. JESSE is out now with a music video with major throwbacks to glitchy tech graphics from the millennia. Check it out.

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