L’Arc-en-Ciel has been revealed as the opening theme song artist for anime EDENS ZERO with their song Forever. The song premiered as the newest cool opening theme song on July 3 when the most recent EDENS ZERO episode aired in Japan.

Forever was created in the image of a refreshing summer song with a sense of speed. A sound that EDENS ZERO’s creators thought matched the worldview of the anime and drove a sense that a new epic adventure is coming!

For now, you can only catch Forever as the opening theme song when it airs weekly, but hopefully, the song will be released in full for fans to listen to in due course as they continue to celebrate this year with their 30th-anniversary.

Promotional visual image for the anime “EDENSZERO”

EDENS ZERO is the anime television adaption of Hiro Mashima’s manga, who is widely known for his manga “FAIRY TAIL”. This sci-fi fantasy plot takes a boy, Shiki, who has lived his entire life amongst machines in the Granbell Kingdom, and Rebecca and her cat companion Happy—his first visitors in 100-years—leading us on a journey through the cosmos when his former neighbors stir up a robo-rebellion.

EDENS ZERO premiers internationally on Netflix on August 26.

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