Crystal Lake’s single “CURSE” landed on July 14 and with an ominous name like this, you might wonder if it is able to live up to its name? In short, hell yes! This demonic song is not only a heavy piece of wonder but also a homage to all the fallen legends who fought for music, “to those who make us dream to this day”.

With reminiscing melodies, Curse is a song that reminds us of the band’s past signature sound from the album The Sign. Vocalist Ryo gave his side of things and explains:

“Curse” is about the legacies that legends in the music industry who passed away. They fought for music. They still make us dream to this day. I’m always grateful to them so I wanted to pay homage.

Crystal Lake - Curse (Official Music Video)

In addition to the single release, Crystal Lake has declared that drummer Gaku and bassist Mitsuru—who have been touring with the band for a long time—are at last recognized as full-time members! Extending the news, the band excitingly announced that Hisatsugu Taji (also known as TJ) has joined the band, taking the role of the guitarist.

All of this leads into the upcoming “CURSE Tour 2021” that will commence on July 19, where fans can see this line-up live for the first time.

Crystal Lake: guitarist TJ, bassist Mitsuru, vocalist Ryo, guitarist YD, drummer GakuJesse Kojima

Grab your copy of CURSE either as a digital release or physical release!

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