Codomo Dragon’s single MINORITY will be released on July 14 and with the title track’s music video out now. The video’s filming location sees the band members perform from within prisoner visitor booths and rocking out in a spread of revolving flashing lights and white neon cross formation.


What immediately stands out is vocalist Hayato’s playful chanting and vocalizing the title track’s name in different and interesting ways. This leads to guitarist Yume playing a catchy motif before leading us to the calming verse with a keyboard accompaniment and digitized drums and guitars.

The atmosphere is undeniably somber and oppressive, allowing every instance of Hayato’s despairing vocals to shine through. It’s emotive, powerful, and brings everything full circle.

MINORITY will hit stores in limited edition type A and B, and regular edition type C. Limited edition type A and B have two yet-to-be-announced tracks with the former type featuring a DVD containing the music video for MINORITY. The latter also has a DVD with the multi-angle version of the said music video. Regular edition type C receives an additional track alongside the two previously-mentioned tracks which also include their respective instrumentals.

Codomo Dragon’s artist photos this time around are quite varied as each member has a distinct look. We have vocalist Hayato in blues, purples, and pinks, guitarist Yume in multicolored animal prints against black, bassist meN-meN in black and red checkered and gold designs, and drummer Chamu head to toe in a money print outfit, complete with a khaki jacket to complete the look.

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