Thankfully, things are starting to calm down around the world. With that, we can finally start looking forward to going back to some shows. However, just after the pandemic started there was some serious desperation. People were saying they would pay anything just for another show. Usually, when we think about high ticket prices we think about how much VIP can cost.

Looking back at all the VIPs we have passed up and looking forward at a future where VIP may never be the same again, we wanted to talk about if it was worth it. Mostly hoping to put people at ease so they don’t feel like they missed out so much. But, maybe some VIP experiences may have been so great that knowing what could have been will emotionally destroy you.

With that in mind, jump on into the bath! We’re talking VIP this week. Who has more money than sense? Who is the cheapest goober in the tub? What about your opinions? Take off that towel and share it all with us! All of us!

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What makes VIP tickets worth it? - JROCK ONSEN Ep. 26

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