ROACH has released its digital Okinawan rock single Senses into the wild on June 23. This is its first release in about a year, following the digital single Get Free from 2020. The new work brings a milder sound and gives you a sense of longing, but as it’s ROACH, they naturally had to make sure to jam in a metal section too!

After having two members depart between 2019 and 2021, the band is once again back to a five-man formation with two new additions: manipulator and guitarist usa, and drummer ken.

Senses is the band’s first work where we can experience the force of the new formation so make sure to give it a listen. Additionally, Gaku Taura from Crystal Lake has once again taken charge of the production.

From top left to bottom right: Usa, TONO, Katsuya, taama, ken.

  1. Senses
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