With only hours of notice, visual kei band NIGHTMARE sounded the alarm for an “Emergency Online Live” to be streamed simultaneously around the world on Tuesday, June 15, 19:00 JST, on their official YouTube Channel. Some of this year’s hottest visual kei bands will also make an appearance!

This mysterious banner is our only clue!

The timing seems strange, due to the last-minute nature of the announcement. According to the band’s website, the “Emergency Online Live” was decided due to the ongoing state of emergency in Japan. The announcement was made bilingually in Japanese and English, seeming to target fans both domestically and abroad.

Since visual kei bands of this caliber hardly ever do free international broadcasts, this is a rare and exciting opportunity! We wonder who the “special guest” appearances will be!

To tune in, check out the info below.

NIGHTMARE Emergency Online Live 2021

  • Date: Tuesday, June 15
  • Time: 19:00 (JST), 06:00 (EDT), 03:00 (PDT), 11:00 (BST)
  • Livestream: YouTube
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