EGOIST released its music video for Zettai Zetsumei (絶体絶命), the four-year anniversary theme song for the Chinese version of the smartphone game, Azur Lane. The song will be officially available for digital purchase on June 16.

Through the music video, it is the first time the public has gotten a listen to the new work and it reveals such an amazing and sophisticated sound. The inclusion of wagakki elements (traditional Japanese instruments) adds a layer of fantasy and gives Zettai Zetsumei so much more depth.

EGOIST『絶体絶命』Music Video(スマートフォンゲーム「アズールレーン」簡体字版リリース4周年記念主題歌)

Considering it’s a tie-up song, besides vocalist chelly’s avatar Inori in pink hair, lots of Azur Lane warships (characters) show up throughout the video. Including the German Bismarck, American Seattle, Japanese Noshiro, and more.

Just as scheduled, the music video was made available on June 2 on the Chinese video platform Bilibili. During the two days it has been out, it already garnered near 3 million views!

A day prior to the music video release, chelly shared this message:

Hello everyone, this is vocalist chelly from EGOIST.

In conjuntion with the four-year anniversary of the Chinese version of Azur Lane, we’ve been asked to create its theme song and for that, we’re truly honored.

I hope that all you admirals out there are able enjoy the song.

While the title of the song is “Zettai Zetsumei”—which implies being cornered and unable to do anything—it also expresses the fighting spirit for the admirals to fight alongside their warships. And it overlap with the game world where you have to overcome all sorts of chaos. I’d be happy if you could give it a listen.

Additionally, I’d like give my congratulations to the Chinese version of Azur Lane who will be celebrating its fourth anniversary on June 2, 2021. I hope you can show your support by giving the song a listen.

And with that, this has been chelly.

Once again, the Korean composer M2U was in charge of the composition. His collaboration with EGOIST was first seen with the single “Saigo no Hanabira (The meaning of love)“—around the time composer ryo (supercell) pulled out as the main composer. Further ahead, we can expect EGOIST to continue to introduce more composers through their upcoming work.

Update 2021-06-16: The single Zettai Zetsumei is now available for purchase and the music video was released on YouTube, receiving 15 thousand views within 30 minutes. We have switched the embedded Bilibili video in the article with the YouTube video instead.

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