XANVALA announces the nationwide edition of their first EP Gayoku no Maku is coming out on June 2. This is a re-release of the sold-out store limited EP Gayoku no Maku -LIMITED EDITION- which came out on May 3. The band also delivers a fancy music video for the song Hitori Butai taken from the aforementioned release.

The nationwide edition of the six-track EP Gayoku no Mako comes with a DVD containing the music video for Hitori Butai, and a camera angle version of each member from the said music video, along with audio commentary from the band.

The cover artwork is also different in this edition as it shows a beautiful drawing that resembles the dancer featured in the music video for Hitori Butai—as seen below, opposite to the simple deep purple artwork of the limited edition.

As usual, XANVALA teased their fans to achieve 400 retweets on the Hitori Butai music video preview uploaded on Twitter in order to unlock the full version. This was quickly accomplished and the music video saw the light the following day. Here we see the members performing the song in an elegant room wearing matching outfits of equal magnificence. This time around vocalist Tatsumi shows off his clean vocals over the catchy instrumental. The mysterious female character is portrayed by dancer Tsuruhara Fumika.

The EP preview video reveals guitarist Souma in charge of the composition of four songs while vocalist Tatsumi penned all the lyrics in the EP. Bassist 70., and drummer Tomoya have also participated in the composition of a song respectively.

Lastly, rejoice with the individual artist photos of the five members that form XANVALA.

  1. Hitori Butai
  2. DROID
  3. ratchet
  4. Tragedy wa Gitai Suru
  5. Nemuru Byoshin
  6. Shumaku
  1. Hitori Butai music video
  2. Hitori Butai music video (Tatsumi Angle)
    ヒトリ舞台(MV 巽 Angle)
  3. Hitori Butai music video (Yuhma Angle)
    ヒトリ舞台(MV Yuhma Angle)
  4. Hitori Butai music video (Souma Angle)
    ヒトリ舞台(MV 宗馬 Angle)
  5. Hitori Butai music video (70. Angle)
    ヒトリ舞台(MV 70. Angle)
  6. Hitori Butai music video (Tomoya Angle)
    ヒトリ舞台(MV 知哉 Angle)
  7. Gayoku no Maku Audio Commentary
    「我慾之幕」Audio Commentary
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