SCAPEGOAT has announced that they will disband after their SCAPEGOAT LAST ONEMAN TOUR “END ROLL” tour final performance on December 1 at TSUTAYA O-EAST. The official statement published on their website doesn’t state any particular reason behind the decision but they apologize to the fans and the staff for such a message. They also extend their gratitude to all those they met along the way.

Vocalist Haru posted an image of a note on his Twitter, the day after the announcement, expressing how grateful he is after seeing everyone’s messages and that the seeds inside SCAPEGOAT have made flowers blossom. He says they’ve also never had anything set in stone until now and doesn’t know what will happen next but wants everyone not to cry as he’ll live to the fullest extent with the time remaining.

Drummer U, the most recent member to join the band, also did the same as Haru and posted a note on Twitter stating that he’s grateful for the support he’s received. He thanks the fans for their support all these years and that he’ll give it his all during the remaining concerts so he has no regrets.

Read the translated statement alongside vocalist Haru’s and drummer U’s separate Twitter statements below.

Statement from SCAPEGOAT:

An important message from SCAPEGOAT

We are truly grateful for your continued support.

Following the SCAPEGOAT LAST ONEMAN TOUR “END ROLL”, we announce that SCAPEGOAT will end all activities and disband.

We apologize to all the fans who have been supportive of SCAPEGOAT and all staff who have always helped the band out for this incredibly disappointing message.

Heralding “life and death”, we’ve been active for around 12 years,
and we’ve received a great deal of love and respect.

We offer our endless gratitude to all the people we’ve met.

We’d be happy if for our remaining activities as SCAPEGOAT, including the dates belonging to the LAST ONEMAN TOUR below, you’d pour all your energy into them, live it to the fullest, and more than ever cheer us on.

All SCAPEGOAT members

Vocalist Haru:

One night has passed since our announcement, I’ve looked at everyone’s responses and I really feel like the seeds inside SCAPEGOAT have been planted, sprouted, and made flowers blossom.

We’ve been loved and that makes me very grateful.

For us, who’ve never had anything set in stone and always said that we didn’t know what tomorrow might bring, there is now a certain tomorrow we’ve agreed upon.

I don’t know what will happen, I have a strange feeling about it.

I want to live the remaining time to the fullest extent. So please don’t cry, and instead laugh.

I am sure that beautiful flowers will be made to blossom.

For the rest of the time left, let’s sing praise toward our lives together.

We will be awaiting you to sing our unchanging feelings at the same place as we’re always at.

Drummer U:

Because I’ve summarized it a little in my own words I think I’ll write this passage.

I am truly grateful for your support all this time.

I can only thank you when I think about this long time you’ve all devoted to SCAPEGOAT.

I think it’s all because of you who have been here supporting us over our long career that we’re able to perform such meaningful concerts that feel like they really engulf the whole room.

Before our announcement, we greeted the staff from the concert venue and our own staff, and upon hearing their words I felt truly happy from the bottom of my heart that I was in this band.

The thrill that you can only get from being in a band is irreplaceable.

It’s cruel to say ”don’t be sad now” but because I’ll be giving all my power as we do in SCAPEGOAT to the remaining concerts so that I won’t regret it, I’d be happy if you could support us until the end.

SCAPEGOAT formed in 2009 from the last lineup of their previous band Sister who was around for two years before transitioning to the band they are today. This lineup consisted of vocalist Haru, guitarists Sayula and Katsuki, bassist LAYHA, and drummer Tatsuki.

Guitarist Katsuki left in 2012 but they continued activities up until their hiatus on November 4, 2018, when drummer Tatsuki left due to family reasons. This hiatus lasted up until March 2019 when SCAPEGOAT returned from said hiatus with new drummer U, formerly known as SETSUNA from MORRIGAN. They just celebrated their 12th anniversary, which is no mean feat, on April 30 with their one-man titled “pulse”. So to receive this news after such a momentous occasion is definitely going to hurt fans.

The band concludes with releases totaling; 28 singles, four live-limited singles, two mini-albums, one album, one best-of album, one compilation album, three omnibuses, and one DVD. The last single they released was Kokoro to Karada no Himitsu -Ge- on March 25, 2020, as part of their two consecutive release schedule.

The band has still yet to say their final goodbye at their last live show, but we shall close this article with our final words of gratitude to SCAPEGOAT for their hard work: thank you for the music and the joy it gave us.

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