One Eye Closed debut album “Adam & Eve” is about to enter the world on May 28; it can be obtained in physical and digital release via JPU Records. Offering 11 songs, the diverse album delivers a plethora of genres—or a mix of genres—including metal, pop, and hip-hop.

We are also able to find the previously released song “Low” in the album, although, this time it receives the blessing from Ryo—former drummer of girugamesh—and joins the album as a remastered version. You may recognize the original song “Low” from the award-winning music adventure video game, No Straight Roads.

Additionally, this is the very first time One Eye Closed’s music is made available in physical format.

One Eye Closed - Low [featured in Metronomik's No Straight Roads]

The nu-metal and trap-inspired song No Fakes was recently released in conjunction with the album announcement, showcasing vocalist REI’s rapping skills.

In a tweet, REI states: “I wanted to challenge current trap artists and trap flow, by incorporating the rhythm with more complex rhyming and speed.”:

One Eye Closed - "No Fakes" (Official Audio Visualizer)

Each of the members made sure to share their genuine thoughts and emotions on the debut album Adam & Eve, revealing the great amount of effort that went into it, as well as the message it sends:

Vocalist REI:

We worked really hard on this album. We put a lot of our emotion into these songs and now we’re proud to present them to you as a single package: Adam & Eve. We know there’s a lot of people struggling with depression and anxiety, so we hope you turn up the volume and find relief in this album.

Bassist Yasu:

One Eye Closed is a band in which all members put 100% of their individualities into the songs. Adam & Eve is an album full of “chemical reactions” so we hope you enjoy it!

Guitarist none:

I hope this album will offer support for all those dealing with negative emotions and thoughts. I hope you’ll like this album.

Drummer Kay:

This album is a collection of our 11 best songs yet. Which are my recommended songs? All of them, of course! Thank you for all your support!

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  1. Alone
  2. Low (Яyo Trackmaker Remaster)
  3. Fixated
  4. Dynamite
  5. Make Sure
  6. Monster
  7. Fire
  8. Dear
  9. N.C.H.
  10. With How I Feel
  11. No Fakes