One Eye Closed recently announced the release of its debut album “Adam & Eve”, and today it’s out via JPU Records! One of the songs from the album that definitely stands out is Low. A song that not only made it as the ending theme song for the action-adventure game No Straight Roads, but is also remastered by Ryo, former drummer of the visual kei band girugamesh. This song has now received an energetic and delightful music video that you can enjoy.

Surprisingly, we are able to get a clear view of vocalist REI in the music video. In the past, the members kept their faces hidden quite well and rarely showed themselves in bright light, so it’s definitely a refreshing take!

Although the music video doesn’t exactly employ a concept—the band states they just wanted to put on an honest performance, as if they were performing live—there are references to the game, No Straight Roads. The setting of the music video itself is a reference to the beginning district of the game. As well as guitarist none’s “Bunk Bed Junction” T-shirt that he’s wearing, which is the main characters’ band in the game.

One Eye Closed – Low (Official Music Video) [No Straight Roads Ending Theme]

When exploring the album “Adam & Eve” as a whole, you’ll be able to discover a range of emotions brought to the surface by themes of depression, anxiety, trust issues, self-harm, and even suicide. It is seen through the eyes of a man named Abel who is fighting his inner demons, personified into a singular character named “Cain”.

“Adam & Eve” is available today in both physical and digital formats. You can get your hard copies via JPU Records, or alternatively, digitally through major digital platforms. Plus, it’s available for streaming too!

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  1. Alone
  2. Low (Яyo Trackmaker Remaster)
  3. Fixated
  4. Dynamite
  5. Make Sure
  6. Monster
  7. Fire
  8. Dear
  9. N.C.H.
  10. With How I Feel
  11. No Fakes