Sennzai has been extremely hard at work the last few months after launching a successful crowdfunding campaign to fulfill a longtime dream. One of the pieces of the puzzle is now uncovered through the song “RedemptioN” (贖罪) which has received a remarkable and picturesque music video, featuring Sennzai’s angelic soprano vocals. This is the title track for the upcoming fifth album that is scheduled to be released during the doujin (self-published) multi-media market event “M3”, on April 25.

In the crimson-filled music video, RedemptioN is expressed through story-rich and dramatic visuals, as well as through the veiled Sennzai’s elegant motions. The concept itself reminds us of a musical or to an extent, an opera.

Take a light step and enter the divine world of Sennzai:

【MV】 RedemptioN (贖罪) / Sennzai

The song RedemptioN is composed by “bermei.inazawa” (from Campanella) who has been composing and arranging songs in various fields, but if you’ve been playing rhythm games, you might have come by his work in games like CHUNITHM, beatmania, or DJMAX.

Interested in picking up a physical copy of the album? Then rejoice! In conjunction with the unveiling of the music video today, pre-orders of the album have been set up at DIVERSE DIRECT.

DIVERSE DIRECT is an online Japanese music store introduced to bridge the gap between the overseas audience and the Japanese doujin scene; you’ll find a bunch of other releases from the M3 event there too, which you can directly ship to your door.

A digital release of the album will also be available through virtual locations such as Bandcamp, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and more.

Look forward to seeing more of Sennzai here at JROCK NEWS as we’ll be sharing some interesting and exclusive coverage soon.

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  1. lar ililia
    lar ililia
  2. Kanousei no Shoujo
  3. Unhumanize
  4. Lure
  5. Compensation
  6. Shisou = Musou
  7. RedemptioN
  8. lar ililia (Instrumental Ver.)
    lar ililia (Instrumental Ver.)
  9. Kanousei no Shoujo (Instrumental Ver.)
    可能性の少女 (Instrumental Ver.)
  10. Unhumanize (Instrumental Ver.)
    アンヒューマナイズ (Instrumental Ver.)
  11. Lure (Instrumental Ver.)
    Lure (Instrumental Ver.)
  12. Compensation (Instrumental Ver.)
    Compensation (Instrumental Ver.)
  13. Shisou = Musou (Instrumental Ver.)
    思想=夢想 (Instrumental Ver.)
  14. RedemptioN (Instrumental Ver.)
    RedemptioN (Instrumental Ver.)