Metalcore band MAKE MY DAY just put out a headbanger track titled Bad Dog on April 14. The song is an intense three-minute piece fuelled by vocalist Isam’s continuous screaming sitting on top of the heavy instrumentals. You can stream and download Bad Dog right now on your favorite digital platform.

Bad Dog is the lead-up single to the band’s upcoming EP BABYLON that will see the light in June. The EP comes with a total of four tracks including the band’s previous single, the destructive Singular Points.

But before you head out, take a look at the music video for Bad Dog that will get you in the live house mood with its disorienting camera movement, and atmospheric lighting. Be careful not to hurt your precious neck, because you’ll need to save it for once you’re able to attend their future performances.


MAKE MY DAY has also scheduled four dates to support the EP with the BABYLON Tour. We can also see fellow bands HONE YOUR SENSE, ROACH, Graupel, and Sable Hills accompanying the band during the tour.

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  1. Bad Dog
  1. Bad Dog
  2. Babylon
  3. Death of Me
  4. Singular Points