video, the guys invited the one and only, the trolliest troll known to mankind, GACKT!

Unlike a previous video where Kiryu was fooled into believing they were visited by X Japan’s vocalist Toshl, this time it’s actually the real deal, the real GACKT.

Even though this is supposed to be a collaboration, this particular video seems a bit one-sided as we’ll soon see. GACKT playfully tortures the members throughout the video while sadistically judges them for not doing well enough.

Drummer Junji: It’s the real GACKT in the flesh!

The video begins with a little preface: After GACKT watched Kiryu’s videos and noticed how devoted the members were, he was really moved by it. Since the members were also moved by GACKT’s words, they decided to invite GACKT in order to share this feeling with everyone—with all of the viewers.

Not long after the backstory, GACKT suddenly brings out the latest generation iPad Pro and explains how the members will be performing a song while attaching pedometers to themselves.

The one with the highest number is the winner and receives the iPad Pro as a gift.

Kiryu members reacted with “Eh!” as GACKT brought out the iPad Pro.

However, since this is GACKT we’re talking about, he adds that if they all do really poorly, the iPad will be given to a viewer instead. But it doesn’t stop there, because worst of all, the members are forced to perform while standing on painful acupuncture mats!

GACKT continues by spelling out the rules:

  1. Attach a pedometer to yourself.
  2. Put on a low-frequency treatment device (that sends small electric pulses).
  3. Perform while standing on an acupuncture mat.

GACKT explains the rules of the contest.

In preparation for the performance, even GACKT tries out the acupuncture mat and gets totally de-feet-ed, if you catch our drift, and ends up on all fours.

Mitsuki (guitarist): Ok, so we are going to do it now but I think I would like GACKT to try it out too.

GACKT: Ah! The bottoms of my feet are super weak! I should seem like I’m strong but actually, the bottoms of my feet are really weak!

Takemasa (guitarist): What’s this? This is priceless!

GACKT: Everyone… is gonna die [by this]?

We believe Kiryu found GACKT’s Achilles’ feet!

Caption: “A video where GACKT is weak can only be seen on Kiryu’s channel! You should definitely subscribe!”

The conversation quickly steered into another topic:

GACKT: I’ve wanted to say this from the beginning, but the wife of one of my former bodyguards… looks exactly like Junji! [Laughs]

Junji (drummer): Who me?

Mitsuki: Oh there’s another person that looks like Junji!

GACKT: Since the beginning, there was something about you that felt familiar this entire time. It’s kinda nostalgic!

Junji: There are about 15 women who look like me!

Now, for the performance contest itself, the band went with the latest single Nue, but we’ll hand it off to the video so you can see how “well” the band did!

But before fully handing it off, please note that there was a meeting prior to the recording and the Kiryu members consented to this before filming. This was not a plan made by GACKT alone.

Unsure if it’s growl noises or someone throwing up.


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