With its much-awaited European tour sadly canceled due to the pandemic, DEVILOOF—like many other bands—has been confined to the insides of a recording studio. We now see the silver lining of it all as the band announced its fifth single NEWSPEAK. We will find out what kind of new brutality awaits us on its release date set for April 23.

The single is available for pre-order exclusively at DEVILOOF’s official webshop. The CD includes the titular track accompanied by a B-side song titled Mob Rule. Newspeak is described as a fusion between tradition and near-future in a hybrid extreme metal song setting. And as for Mob Rule, it is the first song written entirely by guitarist Ray.

The band shared a preview of both songs on their Twitter account. Here we can appreciate synthesizers and traditional sounds blending in with the violent tunes that characterize DEVILOOF.

The single will be supported with the short one-man tour “Newspeak, Oldspeak, And Ideology: The Fates of Human Societies“. This was announced alongside its promotional look which sees the band members up in a dimly lit area.

Update 2021-04-10: The article has been updated with an audio preview of DEVILOOF’s upcoming single.

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  1. Newspeak
  2. Mob Rule
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