Chanty brings their first release of the year in the form of a single titled Haru Urusai set to be out on May 15. The title track is accompanied by an acoustic arrangement of the song Diary, taken from their first full album Chanty no Sekai e Youkoso. The quartet has also enlightened our sight with their immaculate white outfits in the new artist photos.

Unfortunately, there is some upsetting news in the Chanty world; as drummer Naruto decides to suspend all musical activities due to pain in his right wrist. The drummer commented in a personal message that he started feeling slight discomfort in his hand about a year ago. Later, the symptoms faded quickly as the band was forced to quit all live activities due to the coronavirus outbreak. The symptoms worsened once again as Naruto gave his best to keep up with the band’s activities once they were allowed to perform again. His condition reached a point that would not allow him to hit the drums as his hand would not respond due to the pain.

Chanty’s last performance with drummer Naruto will be held at Akabane ReNy on June 13.

  1. Haru Urusai
  2. Diary (acoustic ver.)
    ダイアリー acoustic ver.
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