Lead singer of Aldious, R!N, announces her return to singing and songwriting. In a special video message posted on her YouTube channel, disappearing flowers act as a countdown for her 2021 REVIVAL PROJECT. This is a pleasant surprise since our interview with her talked about her solo career prior to joining Aldious.

Release dates have yet to be confirmed for her new singles, nevertheless, they will be released in a periodic series culminating in a full album later this year. From what we know about this soulful singer, expect eloquent melodies full of life and power.

Starting in 2015, she took up the name “Gemie” and recorded themes for Attack on Titan, but paused her solo career after joining Aldious in August 2019, yet with this announcement on February 1 she excitingly returns to solo activities.

As though she wasn’t busy enough, she regularly chats with fans on her YouTube channel, and during these streams, she performs her favorite songs and takes requests by super chat. These streams are a bonus for English speakers, as she is bilingual, she will even answer questions in English! If you catch the broadcast online, you can ask her questions about music, favorite flowers, or her cats. Follow her on Twitter for upcoming dates and times for her streams.


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