To celebrate the Japanese music promotion company Chaotic Harmony’s 5th birthday, they are bringing concerts directly to your home via livestream! Get ready to rock out every Saturday in the month of February with artists like Hollow Mellow, GARUDA, haru & Tetsuri, ANONYMOUS, and JILUKA.

All the streams are free to watch through Twitch on each of the Saturday. There are also VIP tickets that will allow you to join Chaotic Harmony’s “Timora Talks” series where you can interact with your favorite artists. These talks consist of interactive games and Q&A sessions with the artists via Discord. The Timora Talk with haru & Tetsuri, however, will feature live music instead of games.

The VIP tickets are limited in quantity and vary in price depending on the artist, although, some are free of charge.

Chaotic Harmony Birthday Bonanza

  • Please note that all livestreams are free, only the VIP tickets for Timora Talks need to be purchased or reserved.
  • The purchasable VIP tickets are available via Chaotic Harmony’s website.
  • Free VIP tickets can be reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • It will be possible to donate to your favorite artists.
Artist Date Time VIP ticket price (USD) VIP ticket availability
Hollow Mello February 6 20:00 CST Free VIP (reserve on Discord) Max 20 VIP participants
GARUDA February 13 20:00 CST $10 VIP Max 20 VIP participants
haru & Tetsuri February 20 20:00 CST $Free VIP (reserve on Discord) Max 20 VIP participants
ANONYMOUS February 27 20:00 CST $20 VIP Max 18 VIP participants
JILUKA February 27 22:00 CST $20 VIP Max 20 VIP participants

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