Singer-songwriter 4s4ki (Asaki) released her first full-length album back in December 2020, but she’s now back with a fresh new wave of songs via the self-produced EP, UNDEAD CYBORG, scheduled for a March 3 digital release. Among the five songs included is the opening track Mega Jokki (☆メガジョッキ☆) which has been pre-released along with its funky, vertical music video.

With the new EP material referred to as “hyperpop”, its approach has been to formulate itself through an exaggerated pop-tune that breaks the typical common sense. The genre itself is still considered a microgenre but has expanded the recent years through modern media, starting from SoundCloud where it was first introduced—according to Vice.

Get a hint of how 4s4ki has incorporated hyperpop into the upcoming EP through Mega Jokki.

As previously mentioned, the EP is self-produced, crediting 4s4ki as the composer, lyricist, and arranger. The music video is however directed by the visual artist Yusuke Oikawa, the same director behind 4s4ki’s previous music video “35.5” from the album Hyper Angry Cat.

  1. ☆メガジョッキ☆
  3. Sugar Junky
  4. 幸福論
  5. ずっとお前を殺したかった
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