NAZARE will put out their final compositions in stock through their last single “…to be or not to be”, bringing three new songs and an instrumental track. The release will only be available on January 11 at the band’s last live taking place at Shibuya WWW.

The upcoming single turned out as a pleasant surprise within the overall disappointment caused by NAZARE’s decision to disband. The band revealed the reasoning behind the decision being vocalist Mio’s wish to leave due to mental and family issues. In his personal message, Mio expands on the information of his medical condition as he reveals that he’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and hysteria.

NAZARE was formed in late 2018, and had their first live-limited album Jingai out by January 2019, with a second press coming out the following month. That same year we saw the release of their first mini-album Jingai BEYOND, and first single Jingai CODA, both venue-limited releases as well. The ambitious young band followed with their first nationwide singles IDEAL, and INNOCENCE, and moved to a promising 2020 celebrating their first anniversary with the announcement of their first full album NEMOPHILA, which came out in April.

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  1. Get up!!!
    Get up!!!
  2. Urami、Hare Rasukoku.
  3. Satellite
  4. 「Focus」-instrumental-