In 2019, we got a YouTube documentary with HYDE by the channel Abroad in Japan, and only a few days ago, Youtuber CDawgVA did coverage on visual kei with ACME. Surprisingly, today we were greeted by another Japanese rock-related video, an interview with GACKT conducted by Joey, “The Anime Man”!

To describe the interview as “unique” only touches the surface because there’s a lot of information we learn about GACKT and surprises about the Malice Mizer members. GACKT even reveals his age, “secret” on learning any language, and his hentai preference. Of course, he’s definitely, most likely, serious about every answer. Just as serious as he was when he taught people how to train their penises.

The interview is fully in English and is a generous 25 minutes long, we’ve extracted some of the highlights right below the video, take a look!

I Spent a Day with Japan's Biggest Rock Star | An Interview with GACKT

GACKT’s YouTube career

“I wanna quit”

Many celebrities in Japan have recently started their own YouTube channels, and GACKT is one of them.

Joey: What are the different challenges that you’ve been through in starting a YouTube channel?

GACKT: Actually, I don’t know why I started my YouTube channel. People say my name is very “legendary”. I heard that in Japan, my name is more legendary than [the brand name] “Coca Cola”, but I feel weird to be compared to Coca Cola, make it a Red Bull [instead].

Later into the conversation, GACKT brought up (jokingly) that he didn’t like his channel.

Joey: You don’t like it [your YouTube channel]?

GACKT: Yeah I wanna quit.

Joey: You just started, it’s only been a year.

GACKT: I was bored, I had nothing to do. “Give me a job”.

When asked about the recent movement of Japanese celebrities starting YouTube channels, GACKT hilariously responded with:

GACKT: I believe they also have nothing to do. Singer, actors, they need to do something. They’re quite bored, every day. Also, musicians are… Assholes. Of course, me as well.

The “death” of Malice Mizer

“I really miss them”

Music is a big part of GACKT’s career and life, so there’s a lot of heartfelt emotions that were expressed when asked about his journey.

Joey: How did you go from classical music to visual kei?

GACKT: A lot of visual kei musicians love classical music, my roots are from classical music as well. My mom is an artist, my dad is a musician. They taught me a lot of instruments and art. When we met Malice Mizer they needed my taste [in classical music].

Malice Mizers, they were great guys, wonderful, talented. I really miss them. Actually, I mourned for their passing, from the bottom of my heart.

As Joey sensed how GACKT was trolling, he stopped and asked:

Joey: Including you, how many are still alive?

GACKT: Only me, right?

Joey: I think the last time I checked Wikipedia they were still alive.

GACKT: Really? Oh ok, next question.

The “secret” to learning any language, according to GACKT

“Sneak into the U.S. military”

GACKT spilled the beans on the best way to learn any language in just one month.

GACKT: Sneak into the U.S. military, then join the program. In a month, we’re gonna be wonderful soldiers in English. Yeah, that’s what I did. If you [want to] speak Japanese, join the Japanese military.

In the context of how long it took GACKT to learn English, Joey asked:

Joey: How old are you?

GACKT: I don’t remember. Around 500 or 600 maybe?

Anime, cosplay, and hentai

“I’d do it for free.”

If you’ve come this far, I guess this topic isn’t too far off, right?

Joey: What kind of anime do you enjoy? Or do you like anime?

GACKT: Yeah, of course, I do. Lately, Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer). There’s a rumor that I look like him [Muzan from Kimetsu no Yaiba], actually, he looks like me!

You know the anime One-Punch Man? I really love it. [If] someone asked me to play the main character. I’d do it for free.

Joey: You would play Saitama [the main character who is bald]? Would you shave your head?

GACKT: Actually, this is just a wig [put both hands on head]. I have no hair.

Joey: Do you watch hentai?

GACKT: I do, I do. Can you tell me which hentai is the best?

Joey: I tell you after we finish this interview, and we can watch it together.

If you’ve been keeping up with GACKT’s YouTube content you would most likely have noticed that a lot of it is him trolling the viewers—in an entertaining way. We guess it’s not too big of a surprise that he kept this persona for a YouTube interview too? Even so, it was definitely a very enjoyable video to watch despite not getting any new factual information on GACKT.

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