Earthists. has finally released its chaotic music video DAWNSHADOW! We’ve been eagerly waiting for it since late November 2020, back when the digital single was first released. Officially premiered at Knotfest.com, this piece is described as “[an] embrace of influences ranging from progressive rock to jazz fusion–elements not often associated with metalcore”.

Earthists. is a four-member ensemble that seeks to break away from what we typically associate with “metalcore”, while still seemingly remaining in its quarters. Throughout its five-year time of activity, we’ve seen them incorporate influences from djent, progressive rock, ambient, R&B, and jazz fusion. But as of recently, they even brought in “analog synth sounds often heard in the 70’s/80’s (e.g., YMO and Pink Floyd) and trap type beats”, as mentioned by guitarist and composer Yuto via Knotfest’s interview.

It looks like there’s a lot more to explore for the band and for us too as listeners. We’ll continue monitoring as the four-piece takes its neverending-time to mold its distinct sound. For now, go ahead and enjoy the latest chaotic work DAWNSHADOW while indulging in some frenetic scenes.

If Earthists. is a new discovery for you, we recommend having a look at their other recent music too, including the daunting SUNBLOOD, the more ambient Purge Me, and contrastingly, Suicidal Temple, which is one of their heavier songs.


Purge Me:

Suicidal Temple:

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