DIR EN GREY starts the year right with exciting news as the band’s 32nd single Oboro (朧) is scheduled to be out this spring 2021. Further details are yet to be disclosed so we must wait patiently for the band’s upcoming material.

The welcoming news of new music from DIR EN GREY was quickly contrasted the following day by the concerning announcement revealing that guitarist Die tested positive on the COVID-19 PCR test taken on December 30. Fortunately, we were relieved to know that he is not suffering from any symptoms and is following all recommendations given by the healthcare center in order to achieve a full recovery.

This past year we saw DIR EN GREY release their 31st single Ochita Koto no Aru Sora, and launch their digital Ambient Collection series which started with Ranunculus, and was followed by a set comprising GLASS SKIN, ain’t afraid to die, and Akuro no Oka. The band also made sure to compensate their fans for the canceled TOUR20 SOGAI by live-streaming full concerts from their DVD/Blu-ray archive, and holding real-time talk sessions among the members. Later in the year, they joined the YouTube Music Weekend line-up, along Yoshiki, HYDE, Reol, and many more Japanese acts.

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