One Eye Closed snuggles us into the holiday season with its first ballad “With How I Feel”. The song comes as a single and is released today alongside its music video.

The newly JPU records-signed band, One Eye Closed, released its first ballad single today, on December 20, called With How I Feel. At the same time, its corresponding music video was unveiled through JPU Records’ YouTube channel, revealing a gloomy yet beautifully illuminated video in the city of Tokyo, Japan.

Vocalist REI takes us around areas such as Tokyo Station, Roppongi, and Ginza while singing about “the feeling of unrequited love”, something many of us might be able to relate to—especially around the time of the holiday season. REI also makes sure to wear a mask during his stroll as the music video was filmed during the on-going pandemic. But rather than projecting it as something negative, the band instead made it their way of marking a time in history.

Sink in and find your inner peace through With How I Feel.

The band left a comment giving their perspective and teasing that more is to come:

We’re proud to announce our newest single “With How I Feel”. This song is new for us, as it’s our first ballad. “With How I Feel” is about the feeling of unrequited love, wanting to be with the person you love, especially in times like the holiday season, but can’t for reasons. Though you keep wishing, all you can do is to be there for them and endure the pain.

We hope you also check out our music video “With How I Feel”. This was a challenge to make as it involved us filming around Tokyo Station, Roppongi, and Ginza, but a fun one at that. On a side note, we filmed this during the pandemic, which is why we’re wearing masks. Not only did we want to abide by the mask rule, we also wanted to mark our video with the timestamp of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Times are tough now, so we hope you enjoy and find some inner peace with our song. As always, thank you for supporting us in One Eye Closed. We have a lot more coming.

Formed in 2019, One Eye Closed is a four-man band that brings a fresh new style of music by combining western and Japanese elements while also mixing genres like rock, RnB, hip-hop, and jazz. The members consist of vocalist REI, guitarist none, bassist Yasu, and drummer Kay.

Bassist Yasu, drummer Kay, vocalist REI, guitarist none.

  1. With How I Feel
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