MUCC has announced on its official website that drummer SATOchi will be leaving the band in spring 2021 and retires as a professional drummer. They made sure to clarify that the band’s activity will continue despite his absence.

SATOchi already made the decision known to the band members last May. The response was met with confusion and understanding, but ultimately, the members all respect his decision and are still on good terms.

SATOchi’s 23 years of contribution will be treasured and we hope him the best!

Please take your time and read the official departing words from the members below.

Drummer SATOchi

I apologize for this sudden announcement. I am going to leave MUCC and retire as a professional drummer.

I wanted to tell you earlier but after discussing with the members and staff, I decided to tell you on this day. It was last May that I told the members my decision. Please understand that this is not because I disliked MUCC.

Thank you very much to all the members who continued to treat me as usual even after I told them my intention to leave.

I believe I’ve done my best. I have no regrets in my career.

There are a lot of painful memories but there are a lot of fantastic memories more than that. I hope I can enjoy the rest of my time as a MUCC’s drummer SATOchi without regrets.

MUCC will keep running even after I leave. I hope all MUCCER will keep supporting MUCC.

I will never forget the members, staff, and my favorite MUCCER who gave me the valuable experience of being a MUCC’s drummer for 23 years. Right now I’m just going to do my best for the show that has been decided.

I cannot listen to your voice but it’s the happiest thing for me if you can show me the face you’re having fun with in Budokan.

See you then.

Vocalist Tatsuro

I often hear and say that bandmates are like family.

It’s true that bandmates are like family, and even though they are absolutely closer than friends, they don’t know what friends normally know, or they know what friends normally don’t know.

MUCC has been in such a relationship after more than 20 years of activities.

When I heard that SATOchi wanted to leave, I was not confused actually.

But after seeing the difficult situation for the past few years, I didn’t know if it would be happy for him to continue working hard, and I have a strong desire for him to be happy. So I would like to send him positively as a classmate from high school, not as a member of MUCC.

I didn’t like the word “best friend” because it feels like ranking my friends and colleagues. But I think it’s OK to call him my best friend.

As you can see from our streaming shows, we are working in a good atmosphere like you may think “Is SATOchi really leaving?”, so I think MUCC is in the best condition right now.

Don’t miss the current MUCC with these members.

This was a strange comment about his withdrawal, and I don’t know what to say but I am positively accepting the decision of SATOchi of MUCC and Takayasu, a high school classmate.

It may take some time but I hope everyone can feel the same.

Bassist YUKKE

When I heard his decision, my feelings may be close to everyone.

When I learned that he had that intention, I was confident that “I can still manage, I can make him positive, it’s okay.”.

That’s why I could only act intuitively, but I talked with him several times. I might have used aggressive words.

As I met and talked with the four members, I think I was able to understand SATOchi’s intentions positively, albeit little by little.

Even in such a difficult situation, MUCC was still MUCC, there was a lot of work to be done, and SATOchi looked brighter than before. I feel that SATOchi, who loves people’s smiles, is increasingly showing smiles these days.

We will continue to run like ourselves until the last moment.

By the way, when I talked with him for the first time in a long time, I was nervous somehow.

I had no idea how to start a conversation. Then without thinking I said “aho taro. (stupid head)” to him. He gave me a shy smile.

I think that such a relationship will continue in the future.

I’m on your side!

Guitarist Miya

Sorry for the sudden announcement. However, I think this is the best decision for us.

We will go our way positively.


Thanks for the irreplaceable time for 23 years.

MUCC’s Nippon Budokan performance “Aku-The brightness world”, which SATOchi mentioned in his message, is scheduled for December 27. For more information on tickets and pricing, visit the event announcement page.

The cheerful member SATOchi on the left. Photo: @mucc_satochi

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