Contrary to BUCK-TICK’s usually busy live schedule, this year will end with BUCK-TICK’s first and only audience-attending live performance of 2020 with ABRACADABRA THE DAY IN QUESTION 2020. Better yet, for those who can’t attend, the performance will be live streamed worldwide!

After the release of their album ABRACADABRA in September this year, BUCK-TICK held their first no-audience digital livestream ABRACADABRA LIVE ON THE NET which was live streamed worldwide. The upcoming event will be a step further towards a typical live performance with the addition of an attending audience who will be the first audience to hear the album performed live. However, with on-going capacity restrictions in place for entertainment venues in Japan, audience capacity will be limited. Thus, considerations have been made of these restrictions leading to the announcement of the ABRACADABRA THE DAY IN QUESTION 2020 livestream. The livestream will be available worldwide on multiple streaming platforms. Tickets are available to purchase now!

For this livestream, we recommend the international friendly livestreaming service ZAIKO. With their multi-lingual options, easy navigation, and a range of international payment options this will be the smoothest service for anyone who isn’t residing in Japan or proficient in the Japanese language.


  • Platform availability: FanStream, niconico, ZAIKO, PIA Live Stream
  • Tickets: 5,000 yen (general public)
  • Date: December 29
  • Open: Varies depending on the platform.
  • Time: 18:30–21:00
  • Archive available for viewing after live distribution
  • Archive viewing period varies from January 4–6 depending on the platform
  • Tickets available now until the end of archive viewing.
  • Full details for each platform can be found here
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