ARTiCLEAR introduces us to their new material with a music video for the song Tensei Shitara “Jin” Datta Kudan. Roughly translated as “being reincarnated as Jin”, vocalist Jin himself reflects on his own existence through the lyrics. The accompanying instrumental conveys the intended feeling with a heavy, dark sound also composed by Jin. The vocalist goes another step further by directing the music video under ARTiCLEVER, an alias used for his art and film side project.

The band members craft melodic chords into distorted guitar riffs, low-tuned basslines, and fast-paced drumming, all around the distinctive voice of their vocalist. Find Tensei Shitara “Jin” Datta Kudan on the band’s long-awaited mini-album Ikei no Musou, out since December 25 only on digital platforms.

Ikei no Musou offers an impressive follow-up experience to the band’s first EP, Reimeiki no Yume. Starting with the emotional title-track, and the aforementioned Tensei Shitara “Jin” Datta Kudan, the band continues with the experimental Aoki Meibotsu, and the frenzied Gouyoku no Suisou. Finally, ARTiCLEAR tops the album with the mellow 7-minute piece Musubime, and a piano outro Kyoko no Genjitsu.

ARTiCLEAR is onto something with this more than welcomed release, as the time and effort put into it definitely paid off.

  1. Ikei no Musou
  2. Tensei Shitara "Jin" Datta Kudan
  3. Aoki Meibotsu
  4. Gouyoku no Suisou
  5. Musubime
  6. Kyoko no Genjitsu
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