amazarashi is holding its first livestream concert on December 12 for domestic fans, and a delayed viewing for overseas fans on December 20 that comes with additional English subtitles. The livestream and its concept address the pandemic state of the world today, and through the preview we just got, frontman Hiromu Akita is already triggering some thought-provoking questions.

A delayed viewing for overseas fans will be available on December 20 which adds additional English subtitles.

In a world where everything has turned upside down, amazarashi is holding its first online live concert titled “Mappou Dokushou Uten Kekkou” (末法独唱 雨天決行) on December 12. The reason for the livestream is due to the postponed tour and other postponed activities related to the 10-year anniversary, caused by COVID-19. According to amazarashi, it will be “a show that can only happen in these times”, and they even made a song to reflect this.

The upcoming EP “Reiwa Ninen, Uten Kekkou” (令和二年、雨天決行), slated for December 16, ties into the whole concept with its title essentially saying “The year 2020, rain or shine, the show must go on”.

When entering the livestream preview video below, you’ll be welcomed—or taunted into contemplation—with these lyrics:

What if I got into an accident tomorrow?

What if my company collapsed tomorrow

What if the person I love died tomorrow?

What if there was an epidemic tomorrow?

What if we were struck by disaster tomorrow?

amazarashi Online Live『末法独唱 雨天決行』Trailer

What’s especially impressive with this concert is that it won’t be taking place in a typical concert venue, but instead by the “Hill of the Buddha” located in Sapporo, Japan’s Makomanai Takino Memorial Park. As seen in the preview video, amazarashi will be utilizing projection mapping with special effects and transform it into the “amazarashi Daibutsu” (amazarashi giant buddha) for one night!

The buddha was designed by famous Japanese modernist architect Tadao Ando in ancient times, built for the very purpose of salvation from disasters and diseases, making this one of the most ideal locations to perform.

This will be a solo concert with frontman Hiromu Akita taking the unique stage, singing, performing plays, and poetry reading of his original creations, including a special setlist like no other.

Hiromu Akita shared a message regarding the livestream:

With the live tour postponement due to this difficult year, we were met with many hurdles and hardships trying complete our 10th Anniversary tour. But in spite of all this, new tracks were written in this Reiwa Year 2 [2020] when they shouldn’t have been created.

When it is not the right time to do a live performance, this special show was created out of that. When we start amazarashi’s 10th Anniversary year in a time when it was not proper that we should be singing, then doing this live performance feels kind of right. We hope everyone will enjoy “Utenkekko”.

amazarashi – Mappou Dokushou Uten Kekkou

Overseas (delayed viewing with English subtitles)

  • Date: December 20
  • Time: 11:00 JST
  • Archive: Available until December 22, 23:59 JST
  • Stream URL:
  • Available territories: United States, Mexico, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Chile, Brazil, France, and Hong Kong

Japan (livestream)

Merchandise available for the online concert.

Make sure to catch the new EP Reiwa Ninen, Uten Kekkou on December 16 which comes with an acoustic rendition of tracks Reiwa Ninen, Tsumiki, and Tokyo, only if you get the limited edition!

Update 2020-12-08: Information on the concert availability for the overseas audiences has been released. The article is updated with the new information and includes Hiromu Akita’s message.

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  1. Reiwa Ninen
  2. Sekai no Kaizoudo
  3. Taiyou no Uka
  4. Bakasawagi wa mou Owari
  5. Donten
  1. Reiwa Ninen
  2. Sekai no Kaizoudo
  3. Taiyou no Uka
  4. Bakasawagi wa mou Owari
  5. Donten
  6. Reiwa Ninen acoustic version
    令和二年 acoustic version
  7. Tsumiki acoustic version
    積み木 acoustic version
  8. Tokyo acoustic version
    東京 acoustic version
amazarashi LIVE selection 2012 ~ 2019
  1. Karappo no Sora ni Tsubusareru
    空っぽの空に潰される ~ 「0.7」
  2. Karma
    カルマ ~ 「0.7」
  3. Furui SF Eiga
    古い SF 映画 ~ 「あまざらし 千分の一夜物語 スターライト」
  4. Starlight
    スターライト ~ 「あまざらし 千分の一夜物語 スターライト」
  5. Shuusoku
    収束 ~ 「amazarashi Live Tour 2016 世界分岐二〇一六」
  6. Kistesu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku
    季節は次々死んでいく ~ 「amazarashi Live Tour 2016 世界分岐二〇一六」
  7. Shirafu
    しらふ ~ 「amazarashi Live Tour 2016 世界分岐二〇一六」
  8. Kyomubyou
    虚無病 ~ 「amazarashi 360° LIVE「虚無病」」
  9. Boku ga Shinou to Omotta no wa
    僕が死のうと思ったのは ~ 「amazarashi 360° LIVE「虚無病」」
  10. Philosophy
    フィロソフィー ~ 「amazarashi LIVE「理論武装解除」」
  11. Kanashimi Hitotsu mo Nokosanaide
    悲しみ一つも残さないで ~ 「amazarashi LIVE「理論武装解除」」
  12. Word Processor
    ワードプロセッサー ~ 「amazarashi LIVE「朗読演奏実験空間『新言語秩序』」
  13. Living Dead
    リビングデッド ~ 「amazarashi LIVE「朗読演奏実験空間『新言語秩序』」
  14. Dokuhaku
    独白 ~ 「amazarashi LIVE「朗読演奏実験空間『新言語秩序』」
  15. Inochi ni Fusawashii
    命にふさわしい ~ 「amazarashi Live Tour 2019 未来になれなかった全ての夜に」
  16. Mirai ni narenakatta ano Yoru ni
    未来になれなかったあの夜に ~ 「amazarashi Live Tour 2019 未来になれなかった全ての夜に」