Wailing guitar riffs and a healthy mix of harsh and melodic vocals come together in OROCHI’s first music video HAYATE. Those with a keen eye, or rather, ear, will notice that this band has somewhat of a familiar sound. Well, that would be due to the fact that OROCHI is the return of the former gal metal ensemble RagDöllz.

HAYATE is a rather upbeat note from the newly emerging band. The lyrics seem to convey a positive attitude of pushing forward to succeed at one’s goals. In all, it seems a bit more inviting than some of the releases under the name “RagDöllz”. Have a listen for yourself.

Currently, there is no information on when we can expect to grab the song ourselves, but the band has already scheduled its first live show for February 22, 2021, at Osaka BIGCAT, playing with metal bands such as GYZE, SEX MACHINEGUNS, and more.

Back in September, RagDöllz announced the departure of bassist Momo. Coupled with the current epidemic, the band’s activities came to somewhat of a crawl. However, an announcement on November 22 introduced two members, drummer KANAE, and bassist HAIBARA. At this time the band rebranded as OROCHI and has now set out into the ever-changing landscape of Japanese metal.

OROCHI (ex.RagDöllz)

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OROCHI (ex.RagDöllz):
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