In and out of lockdown and back in again. The whole industry is struggling and we’re all struggling to go see some shows! As the old adage goes, “the free market will provide”. In this situation, just that has occurred. Bands are putting on livestream performances now more than ever. What are the experiences like though? We each have some experience with them and we even have some experience with post-lockdown-in-person-lives. It’s a mixed—dare I say—bath of opinion. Get it? It’s a play on mixed bag!

Anyway, we actually remembered to read out some comments from before in this one. It’s not all about us arrogant chatty kids. Coming at you delayed from around the world, let us know what your experience has been thus far. Or don’t, that’s on you.

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Concerts during pandemic, this is what it's like - JROCK ONSEN Ep. 23

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