Japan’s biggest publisher Kodansha will release a Yoshiki photobook titled XY on his birthday on November 20, 2020.

XY is a photobook that puts Yoshiki in the center of attention with fabulous portraits in a work that generously contains 96 pages. Captured by the award-winning photographer Melanie Pullen, famous for her work in Vogue and Esquire magazines, the photoshoot has Yoshiki in a dreamlike setting and reveals “a Yoshiki you have never seen before”.


The photobook is also bundled with a 30-minute DVD containing behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot, as well as an exclusive interview with Yoshiki and the creative team behind this project.

Take a look at how the photobook was put together through the behind-the-scenes clips where Yoshiki also voices some of his thoughts regarding classical music and rock, and the similarities between visual art and music.

YOSHIKI photobook "XY" No.1 Best Seller. 写真集『XY』が1位獲得、驚異的な売上を記録" 講談社

YOSHIKI写真集「XY」 メイキング動画 抜粋Ⅱ

YOSHIKI写真集「XY」 メイキング動画 抜粋Ⅲ

It may be weird for me to say this myself, but I still look good, and I think I can still keep going for a while—But behind the scenes, I put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears—hopefully, this will be the trigger to start releasing some music. —Yoshiki

XY is delivered in full-color, hardcover, and comes in a special custom cosmetic box package. You can buy it on RakutenAmazon, and Kodansha Book Club.

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