Before any event nay, before leaving your domain, you always have to gear up and do some battle preparations. But, is your ritual for your expedition into the unknown different from time to time? This time we’re gonna tackle that one. What do you wear to a show? Why do you feel this is necessary? What do you do to prepare? Makeup, new clothes, band tees, ripped jeans, extreme dieting, blood bathing? Anything and everything, get in on our viewpoints (some may be controversial), and reminisce in pre-virus traditions.

Despite the massive time gap between the episodes, we did get around to reading some comments. So leave us some more. We do always read them but one of us (Mazo) has total goldfish memory and forgets everything the second it happens. So, hop in the bath and get in on the discussion.

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Do you still dress up for concerts? - JROCK ONSEN Ep. 22

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