DEVILOOF has officially canceled its European tour “BEYOND PROOF EUROPE TOUR 2020” which was scheduled for this year until the COVID-19 situation disrupted all of its plans. Kinetic Vibe, the tour organizer, has shared the reasoning for its cancelation on various social media platforms.

It’s been a bumpy ride for DEVILOOF and its European fans since 2017 when the tour plans hit the surface for the first time. Unfortunately, it seems like all the bumps have done their damage, and the tour is now completely canceled. Previously, it was first announced that the tour was put on halt, and eventually simply postponed. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore.

Despite Kinetic Vibes and V STAR PROMOTION doing their best, they eventually had to abandon the idea of postponing due to the fact that they didn’t want the fans to keep waiting when they themselves had not received a clear decision from “the other side”. That is, from DEVILOOF’s side (whichever entity was responsible for giving the thumbs up).

We want to emphasize again that Kinetic Vibes and V STAR PROMOTION, along with the band members have put a lot of work into trying to realize this tour. It is an unfortunate outcome, however.

As for those who already bought tickets, you will be refunded and the process has already started in Germany, with more vendors to follow suit soon.

You can read the full statement provided by Kinetic Vibes here:

After long months of inconclusive discussion with the band and their new management, we have to sadly announce the cancellation of the European tour that was postponed to Spring 2021.

We’ve tried in many ways to keep a collaborative channel with the band’s label in the last months.

We were almost ready to announce a new schedule for 2021, but with the current unstable situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had quite a few issues with some of the venues or substitutive venues. To facilitate everyone, we asked the band for a new availability schedule, even willing to postpone the Tour through the summer or autumn since the future is still unclear, but surely we were working to make this tour happen. But after continuous lack of feedback, inconclusive negotiation, we’ve reached a point where the tour contract clauses were breached.

We, along with V STAR PROMOTION tried our best to avoid the cancellation of this tour, but we decided to CANCEL the tour because we can’t keep our customers waiting for answers when we are not provided with clear decisions from the other side.

It deeply upsets us, but this is the best decision to make at this specific time.

Please note that we are already informing venues and ticket sellers about the cancellation, and the refund process has already started for the German stops, and will shortly start for the other stops. We are thankful for your patience during those long months and we hope that every one of you is safe and healthy.

Hopefully, we will meet in the future in a brighter world.

Thank you

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