1. Crystal Lake has announced a coffee collaboration with CHOP COFFEE.

This blend named DARK & DEEP-Disobey Edition that ties back to their Disobey release this July, uses carefully selected Mandheling Seven Stellas beans, but what’s so special about this particular variety? Well, these beautiful beans have been picked from seven different villages based in the region of Aceh and the area surrounding Lake Toba on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. These beans are then triple hand-sorted to ensure only the highest quality beans are used, then flown to Japan to be roasted by the artisan baristas at CHOP COFFEE.

The DARK & DEEP-Disobey Edition blend is best described as a clean taste that really showcases the unique “Mandheling” richness and aroma. Some even say it’s one of Indonesia’s best coffee, which piques our interest. This coffee will be available at a pop-up shop between October 16—18 at the MAGIC ROOM in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo alongside other merchandise.

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If you’d like to try CHOP COFFEE there are two shops in Shibuya, one in Omotesando and another on Cat Street. Both locations are slightly tricky to find, so please check their website for the locations and directions.

And here’s a hint. If you like food, make sure to check CHOP COFFEE’s Instagram for mouth-watering food pics.

Crystal Lake's "DARK & DEEP"coffee pop-up shop leaflet.

Crystal Lake’s “DARK & DEEP”coffee pop-up shop leaflet.

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