Codomo Dragon released digital single KARISUMA on October 7 and to promote it, they revealed a music video preview showing them performing in a dome made up of triangles.

The immediate thing that stands out is the vibrant, contrasting red background and white outfits. The fragmented visuals and crooked picture frames also lend themselves well to the overall set.


KARISUMA is a lively tune with guitarist Yume’s bright intro solo and drummer Chamu’s energetic playing. There’s so much to like here and it’s undeniably captivating, however, it’s currently only available to buy on Japanese iTunes. The song is also very different from their recent songs such as Anonymous, and PEST which are dark and gloomy.

Reminiscent of their outfits for their fourth single RIGHT EVIL, released back in 2013, the band has once again taken to white outfits with red trim.

Codomo Dragon in sleek white and red outfits for single “KARISUMA”.

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