Within the three-month consecutive release plan, NUL. has now reached its second single KaliMa! After previously releasing BLACK SWAN, the trio is now preparing to launch the new digital single next week through major digital platforms, on September 23.

The new work KaliMa creates an oriental atmosphere through its use of sitar, but at the same time, it’s catchy and lively as a result of the poppy beats. It’s a fresh new take that we haven’t yet seen from NUL. until now, so it will be quite interesting to see what songs they’ll include in the upcoming winter album.


With that said, we did attend NUL.’s first live last year and actually experienced all of the 12 songs they had in store at the time, although, the tracklist and date for the new album still remains a mystery.

In conjunction with the first live show, we were also the first overseas music website to interview Hizumi on his activities in NUL., branded as a conceptless band with infinite potential, you can read all about it here.

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