NIGHTMARE is bringing a splash of new color and life into its upcoming single ink. With the announcement, further tracklist details and colorful new artist photos have been unveiled for this single that is due for October 7.

ink will be available in two types; limited edition type A will include the title-track and a second song Fear, with the addition of a DVD for the music video of ink; regular edition type B will include CD only but will have the addition of a third track, Utsusemi. That’s a total of three new tracks in one release in their first release in five years—let me hear you cheer!

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, an additional version of the single is also available in collaboration with Loppi and HMV. This limited edition is available in five types with special individual member photo jackets of their latest look, including, a CD of the single title-track, and a bonus photo trading card of the members sporting the signature HMV store uniform.

For those who purchase all five member types, there are two additional bonuses. The first is a DVD for the Documentary of ink that contains off-shot footage of the ink music video and artist photos. And the second, a signing session participation ticket for October 18, 15:00 JST, held at HMV&BOOKS, Shibuya, Tokyo. Of course, most international fans will not be able to participate in this event with the current travel restrictions, so please check with your country’s travel recommendations before spontaneously booking those flights!

Individual member jacket photos for the Loppi/HMV limited edition of “ink”.

The members have also presented their new look for the release with a colorful spray of “ink”-y splatters and individual member color schemes.

NIGHTMARE has also confirmed they will be proceeding with their 20th Anniversary Tour [ink]arnation with rescheduled tour dates set for October.

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  1. ink
  2. Fear
  3. Utsusemi
  1. ink
  2. Fear
  1. ink (Music video)
Available to purchase as individual or full-set.
  1. ink
  • Individual member trading card
Only included with the purchase of all five member versions.
  • DVD of "Documentary of ink"
  • Signing session participation ticket for October 18 at HMV&BOOKS, Shibuya
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