CHOKE is back with another boomin’ single in the form of The Human Anthem, its fastest and heaviest hitting song to date with an advertised over 250 beats per minute! The single is officially out on September 11 but for the impatient fans, you can take part in the advance sale to get the songs early.

The Human Anthem is definitely a welcome addition to the band’s trap metal library. CHOKE has taken the negativity of the world’s current state of affairs and turned it into a slamming track. Despair is distorted into a violent swirl of veiled determination.

With an advertised over 250 beats per minute, this is also its fastest heaviest hitting song to date. CHOKE’s signature sweeping mad guitar riffs blended with a cacophony of heart-pounding drums and killer bass-lines crescendo with absolutely delicious vocal work.



CHOKE holds the stance of, “Don’t run away from the days when you only feel despair and pain, but stand up with us”. The band is one of the few to really take note of their foreign market. As such, it is quite easy for you to get your hands on their latest release so just go and do it. Stand up with them.

The Human Anthem is available for download and streaming on September 11, but alternatively, you can purchase it early at their official shop and receive B-side track Amyotrophic, along with instrumentals of the two songs.

We also get a new look for the band to reflect their faster, harder-hitting style.

  1. The Human Anthem
  2. Amyotrophic
  3. The Human Anthem-Instrumental-
  4. Amyotrophic-Instrumental-
  1. The Human Anthem
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