Formed in Tokyo, te’ is a band that’s been cooking up some of Japan’s finest experimental and instrumental post-rock since 2003. With six albums on their belt, te’s signature sound has been crafted with exceptionally skilled musicians in each of their respective instruments with Kono and Hiro on guitars, Matsuda on bass, and Tachibana on drums.

In most releases, their sound orientates around aggressive fast-paced melodies where guitars chirp with urgency—like a chase of life and death between prey and predator. Paired with the deep rumbling of bass that reverberates like the thuds of an apex beast’s footsteps slamming against the scorched earth of the Savana, the drums create the backdrop of the entire scene with heavy trembling storms that shake deep into the soul.

Their most recent drop was a mini-album titled Kai (櫂) that came out in June 2017. What may bring you a smile is the poetically long length of song names and album titles when compared to their minimalist band name. Highlights of this release are “Grace” Hidden Behind the Scenes Manifests as a Mediator of the Rhythm That Hoars Down and Reika’s Purity Loses the Puppet of “Red Flame” and Inscribes a Proclamation to Akurei.

te' / 舞台の幽暗に潜む『恩寵』は、躬を顫わす律動を媒介に顕現する。【Official Music Video】


Are you experiencing heart palpitations after those tracks? Make sure to take regular music breaks as te’ will get your heart rate racing.

Although they have already built a solid fandom within the underground scene, we’d like to tease them out so more of our listeners can enjoy the technical intricate sounds they have on offer. If you liked the elaborate sounds so far, have a listen to their live performances from their Shibuya shows at the WWW Live in 2015 and Sine Cosine Fest 2019.

te' / 2015.12.18 Shibuya WWW Live映像

te' Live@Sine Cosine Fest 2019 in Shibuya

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