Reol’s latest single THE SIXTH SENSE (第六感) which was featured in the commercial for “BOAT RACE 2020” recently had its music video release. Since then, Reol has gradually revealed additional related content for the single such as behind-the-scenes footage, and more recently, a video where Reol sits down and talks about the different aspects of the music video.

The explanation for the music video is unfortunately all in Japanese, but we’ll break down the main points for you below:


  • The song THE SIXTH SENSE was recorded outside a studio setting. This was the first time for Reol to do so.
  • The title THE SIXTH SENSE (第六感, Dairokkan) is a wordplay in itself. Since it’s a tie-in song for BOAT RACE 2020, it’s referencing to how the races have 6 lanes, and the betting aspect of the races. The title uses the kanji “感” (kan) for “sense”, but similarly, the kanji “勘” for “intuition”—like gambling intuition—is also pronounced “kan”. Reol mentioned that there’s a bunch of double meaning behind all of it, so there could be some other aspects to it too.
  • Reol wanted to convey the feeling of the cool water while you’re speeding in a boat. Did she manage to do that for you?
  • While filming the music video at the rooftop, it was very windy—which you can see in the behind-the-scenes video.
  • The dance unit Tokyo Gegegay who guested the music video raps in the second verse and also came up with the furitsuke (choreography). However, it should be noted that their rap part is replaced with Reol’s rap in the purchasable version of THE SIXTH SENSE.
  • The filming of the music video took two days, one in the studio with a green screen, the second day was filmed outside and luckily, the sky was clear despite being in the middle of a rainy season.

As for the behind-the-scenes footage, it’s very visual focused so you can watch it without worrying about missing any crucial information.

THE SIXTH SENSE making-of part 1:

Reol - Making of '第六感' part.1

THE SIXTH SENSE making-of part 2:

Reol - Making of '第六感' part.2

In case you haven’t watched it yet, here is Reol’s THE SIXTH SENSE music video:

Reol - '第六感 / THE SIXTH SENSE' Music Video

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