Tokyo-based band “One Eye Closed” put out its very first music video Monster, coming off its second EP Abel released on August 22. The song delves deep into the mind of someone that struggles with their inner self—the monster within—and expresses this through a music video filmed in an underground environment.

Just like the concept of the band, the song is “driven by storytelling, honest lyrics, dynamic playing”, and luckily, you can follow along the ride as the words are all in English. To view the lyrics, visit the description of the video on YouTube.

One Eye Closed - "Monster" (Official Music Video)

The characteristics of Monster is very reminiscence of what we got from the now-disbanded band abstracts, an ambient but dynamically progressive sound. However, the balance between these elements varies quite a bit even just within the three-track EP Abel, so you can expect some diverse tunes.

If you’re interested in hearing more from One Eye Closed, catch them on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. Or better yet, through the multi-platform music game “No Straight Roads” that will be released on August 25, in which their music is featured. In short, the game is about defeating EDM with the power of rock.

Formed in 2019, One Eye Closed is a four-man band that brings a fresh new style of music by combining western and Japanese elements while also mixing genres like rock, RnB, hip-hop, and jazz. The members consist of vocalist REI, guitarist none, bassist Yasu, and drummer Kay.

Bassist Yasu, drummer Kay, vocalist REI, guitarist none.

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