NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST has released its digital single Reviver today, August 27, the second entry from its two-month consecutive release. With the new single, the band also put out a “visualizer” video revealing not only the full song but also exposes two guitars, confirming that the band has expanded in size.

The song is like many of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s recent works, full of power and heavy riffs! We have producer Hiro of STUDIO PRISONER to thank for the metal mix and mastering—not to be confused with the band’s vocalist Hiro.

NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST - Reviver (Official Visualizer)

The reason why it’s interesting to see two guitars appearing in the video is that so far, the full line-up of the band hasn’t been revealed yet.

However, as explained in the English announcement, we do know there will be a new guitarist (but the video shows two guitars). Even the Japanese version of the announcement doesn’t provide any additional information.

This time, the video is loaded with scenes of the members’ hands as they perform their new single, the first video hinting at the existence of its new guitarist.

Two different guitars can be seen in “Reviver”, to the far left and right. The second to the left is a 6-string bass.

NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST has previously been struggling with recruiting new guitarists after former members Cazqui and Daichi left. While the skillful guitarist Lin joined the band last year, it didn’t last long due to his arrest of drug possession.

It remains to see what NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s resurrection actually looks like, so keep tuned for more!

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