Looking for new channels to follow? We’ve got your back. Below we have our list of the most obscure yet highly entertaining Japanese YouTubers we can lay our filthy mitts on. Filthy because we’ve learned to cut sashimi from one of them, but never mind that. We’ve cherry-picked the best active channels with Japanese audio and English subtitles so everyone here can enjoy the humor. Let’s go!

Knives made from absurd materials

Kiwami Japan is the one who makes extra sharp knives from anything you can think of. Hard-boiled candies, Saran wrap, wood—you name it, he can sharpen it with his extensive collection of whetstones. Have you ever seen someone cut cucumbers with cardboard? No? Well, we’re about to change that.

Guy teaches you how to cut and cook obscure fish

Kaneko from Kimagure Cook channel hopes to teach the world about the deliciousness of Japanese shellfish and fish. From sea to plate, he hits up local and sometimes international fishmongers to find the strangest sea creatures he can get his teeth into. He’s even eaten a shark before. Obviously, if you’re squeamish about the idea of chopping open fish, don’t watch it. If you’re now addicted and can’t get enough, try his mate’s channel too.

Making miniature rooms with ASMR packaging crinkling sounds

Everything and anything is cuter when it’s small, right? If making tiny houses was an Olympic sport, HMS2—short for “Hamster Miniature Studio 2”, would win the gold medal every time, hands down. From the furniture down to the cutlery, absolutely everything is eye-bleedingly and painfully tiny. Should we mention they make miniature models of foods too? Tiny McDonald’s, tiny Cup Noodle, tiny every-bloody-thing. They’re all tiny.

Voice actors go all out whilst playing games

Natsuki Hanae (花江夏樹) is a Japanese anime and game voice-actor that often brings on his other voice-actor mates in to play games of all sorts. It’s hilarious as they put on accents and act out over-the-top and dramatic scenes. The best one we’ve seen so far is where three of them play a game of Uno. Expect special effects and a lot of yelling.

If someone can eat an elephant in one sitting, this girl can

Not heard of Yuka Kinoshita (木下ゆうか) yet? Do your friends not love you? This is one of the most shared and watched competitive eaters on YouTube, probably due to her tiny stature. How does a person so small eat so much? It shouldn’t be possible, but here we are. The video was of her drinking 7kg worth of the popular Dalgona coffee was pretty impressive if you enjoyed this video.

Unboxing obscure toys and mystery items

Omoshiro Zakka Korekutaa (おもしろ雑貨コレクター) channel name translates to “Funny miscellaneous goods collector”. Now that’s out the way, we need to ask the question—who came up with all this random stuff and decided to mass-produce it? We have no idea, but we’d like two of those ketchup guns, thanks.

Calming cooking and travel videos

Ending with someone far calmer, we have Ryoya from Peaceful Cuisine. He’s an excellent videographer and chef. One of the things that set him aside from many others is that he tries incredibly hard to do the best he can in everything he does. One time, he took us on an adventure to dye some scarves using nothing but leaves and water, isn’t that a lovely and wholesome?

There’s a lot of YouTubers we’ve left out as their videos are not subtitled, but have we missed out your favorite weird channel of 2020 so far? Let us know in the comments below so we can check them out.

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