Released on July 15, SCANDAL’s latest single SPICE is the product of collaboration based on the theme of courage and understanding. Joining them with animation project team X-FLAG—formed of members from animation studio MARZA and graphic design agency Spooky graphic—the group of creatives cooked up a fresh animated music video, XPICE.

Watch the adorable hero-themed animation that features SCANDAL’s music below.

XPICE - An Original Animated Short / SCANDAL - SPICE

“We knew that when you mix a diverse set of people and talents, the extraordinary happens. So with a mission to create a new culture, we brought artists and creators together to combine a unique story, masterful animation, and an all-new song from SCANDAL into something the world’s never seen before.”—X-FLAG.

The video is not their usual style, but it’s still cute, right? It’s great to see SCANDAL branch out and take on collaborative projects in different creative areas.

Whilst we’re on the topic of SCANDAL, if you’re curious about what the members listen to, check out the JPU Records Playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. Currently, bass player TOMOMI is on the deck and MAMI will take over from Monday, July 20, so head on over to listen to the playlist.

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