NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST has now released its latest single ONLY HUMAN, on July 27, and is available on all major digital platforms. The band also made it accessible in form of a lyric video on YouTube, where you’ll be able to follow the aggressive words, while at the same time indulge yourself in its powerful instrumentals and vocals that excitingly set off a destructive force.

Vocalist Hiro also shared a heartfelt message in conjunction with the release:

This means a lot to us, our friends who live on the same surface of this earth. Please help your friends, family and even others.

Don’t forget sometimes the word would be an invisible knife which could leave a scar on someone without blood, and which could cause someone to make a choice, the choice is death.

Protecting yourself is to protect them from the disease and the suffering. This is not your own world. This is our home. WE ARE ONE.

ONLY HUMAN is just one out of the two singles the band has in its roadmap. Earlier this week, the plan for the two-month consecutive release was revealed.

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