lynch. have announced that they raised over 11 million yen⁠—or to be precise, ¥11,786,297, with their live house support single, OVERCOME THE VIRUS. This is the total amount recorded so far since the release date from April 28 till May 31, with the profits from June to be published in the future.

Putting it into perspective, this is around $110,200 which will be divided between 149 of the live houses lynch. has performed in and have been affected by the coronavirus. But, just how much will each venue receive? Well, we’re no mathematicians, but we did the math anyway—if it’s divided evenly, roughly $730 or £590 will go to each live house so far.

Each member had a few words to say about the news with all of them expressing their gratitude.

Vocalist Hazuki states that this is not the end and urges people who purchased the CD or have access to streaming to do so and that every little bit helps.

Apologies that this announcement is late. First of all, with just the sales of the CD and merch, thanks to all of your help, we are able to donate this amount to live music venues. However, the end is still not in sight. Those of you who purchased the CD or access to a live stream, please also stream the song if you’re able. I listen every day, too. Even if it’s just a little, I hope it helps. Also, to everyone who has lent us their power, thank you very much.

Guitarist Reo makes a point that live houses are a place where bands are made and nothing can replace it. He hopes that the future of live music and the music industry can become brighter.

There’s a place where bands are made, and for us a truly irreplaceable, incredibly important thing⁠⁠—I’m humbled by the outpour of support we’ve received from so many of you in order to protect live music venues. With your support, I believe that the future of live music venues and eventually the entire music industry will become a little brighter.

Guitarist Yusuke believes that the days where we get drenched in sweat will happen again.

From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank you for your help. I fear that the current difficult situation will continue for some time. I believe that eventually, we’ll be able to create those days where we get drenched in sweat while smiling again, and I’m looking forward to being able to see you at live houses once more.

Bassist Akinori’s comment is short but sweet but understands its hard for everyone right now.

Thank you so much for your support during this terrible time, I’m sure it’s hard for everyone right now. I don’t know when, but we will definitely meet again with bright smiles on the floor of a live house somewhere!

Drummer Asanao is surprised by how much they sold and that’ll be rough from here on out.

Thanks to those who purchased the CD⁠—we sold more than we expected and I’m very surprised! It’s going to be rough from here on out but I hope we can help live music venues even just a little bit. Thank you very much.

  2. WALTZ
  3. A GLEAM IN EYE (Re-recording)
  2. WALTZ
  3. A GLEAM IN EYE (Re-recording)
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