“Whoa! That was one of the worst releases I have ever heard. I’m burning all my merch.” Face it, we all felt this way at some point. Maybe we weren’t triggered so easily? Regardless, a band you love will most likely at some point make a mistake. For some, this was an experimental electronic remix album starting with a “K” and ending with an “ai” (ahem, DIR EN GREY). For others, it’s something super small.

This time around, we’ll be discussing this very thing “what kills a band”, for you at least.

This isn’t disbandment or anything like that, just a loss of interest. We all have our own experiences, Mazo probably more than the rest, but we all drop a band or two along the way. What did they do wrong? What changed for you? Was it a horrible ballad on a single? Was it just too heavy for your “bishi bois” to be doing?

Have a listen to our conversation and leave us some feedback. Maybe our dumb host will remember the feedback section next time.

Death of a band - JROCK ONSEN Ep. 21

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