Punkette trio, BRATS, announces two live concerts set for August. While these concerts will have audience admission, they will also stream worldwide. Tickets available on ZAIKO have options in multiple languages and the streams will be available on-demand for three days after premiering.

Unlike most of the recent “no audience” livestreams, some venues in Japan are starting to allow limited participation with restrictions. Yet, more appealing is the ability for their fans from around the world to watch online.

Show Date Time (JST) Ticket price (¥) Info
BRATS Continue-1 at Shibuya Star Lounge August 1 20:00 1,000 ZAIKO
BRATS Continue-2 at Chelsea Hotel August 29 13:00 1,000 ZAIKO

BRATS are also picking up where they left off from the start of this year. As they continue to build momentum towards the next album having released new songs. Definitely get in the loop with the latest single Jigyakusei Loop (自虐性Loop) and former release, Fate.

BRATS - 自虐性Loop (Jigyakusei Loop)

Likewise, they have uploaded live performances of Excuser (エクスキューザ), No more No more, and fan-favorite Ms. Downer. Plus recently, an updated mix of Kimarigoto (決まりごと) with an even more aggressive sound.

BRATS - 決まりごと - (Kimarigoto) Version 2020 (Official Audio)

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